Our firm encompasses an experienced up-to-date Family Law practice. Headed by Rimona Elhyani, the firm handles all aspects of Family Law including divorce and separation, child custody, alimony, guardianship, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, mediation and all litigation in connection therewith, both in the Family Courts and  Rabbinical Tribunes.

Our firm has vast experience in counseling clients on drafting  wills, trusts, probates, estate tax and other estate planning and inheritance aspects.  We also represent clients in probate and succession orders, estate distribution agreements, proceedings vis a vis the Registrar of Inheritances, contesting wills, and the Official Custodian (“Apotropus HaKlali”).


Our firm has unique expertise in drafting and counseling clients on the Enduring Power of Attorney. This legal instrument allows each person to plan for a future when he/she may no longer be capable of competently managing affairs. This tool situates the client's wishes and aspirations in the center and allows a wide range of flexibility for planning ahead should he/she become mentally unfit.

We have a wealth of experience in obtaining applicable rights for Olim Chadashim, returning residents, and foreign citizens.  We specialize in  tax benefits and concessions, mortgage subsidies, and customs benefits. We help our clients to exercise their rights and represent them when necessary vis a vis Governmental Authorities.

We provide full-scaled notary services, including copy authentication, Apostile certification, and translation of documents.

The Rinot - Elhyani Law Offices represent clients in Real Estate transactions on a  daily basis. Our rich and diverse Real Estate practice includes representing sellers, purchasers, individual property owners, house committees, businesses, developers, investors, brokers, and contractors. On behalf of our clients we regularly negotiate purchase and sale contracts, rental leases, contractor agreements, mortgage documents, registration of condominiums etc. We also advise our clients on the related financing and tax aspects arising in respect of their Real Estate transactions.



We offer our foreign and Olim clients a comprehensive support package regarding their Real Estate properties in Israel, including advice on the purchase, handling the registration of title, securing a mortgage from local banks, and managing the rental of the property. We also deal with tenants, contractors, brokers and other advisors, and work with relevant governmental authorities. 


We have profound knowledge of the Real Estate market in Israel and we are closely acquainted with local brokers, developers, contractors, and land owners. In addition, we have been involved in many diverse Real Estate transactions throughout Israel, including Raanana, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv – Jaffa , Netanya, Zichron Yaakov,  Modiin, Beer Sheva, Yehuda and Shomron area.