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Tel 09-7410306


LL.B., Tel Aviv University, 1986

Lawyer and Mediator


Israel, 1987


Family Law


Estate Planning


Enduring Power of Attorney



Member of the external overseeing committee of Keren Kayemet LeIsrael (JNF).


Member of the Inheritance Law committee of the Israeli bar association


Member of the Family law committee of the Israeli bar association


Member of the Rabbinical law committee of the Israeli bar association

Rimona Elhyani leads the Family Law division of the firm.

Rimona has been specializing in Family and Inheritance law for 30 years and has extensive experience in handling the most complex aspects of all areas of Family and Inheritance Law.


As an expert on Family Law matters, she advises her clients regularly, inter alia, on family wealth planning, prenup, postnup (divorce) and other financial agreements, divorce mediation, divorce litigation, all matters involving family disputes (support issues, child custody, relocation, division of assets), guardianship, and durable power of attorneys and medical directives.   

Her Inheritance practice includes preparation of wills, trusts and durable power of attorneys, submission of objections to wills, and conducting Inheritance disputes.


Rimona, graduated from Tel Aviv University's Faculty of Law in 1988 with honors in Family and Inheritance Law studies.

Rimona is also an experienced litigator and certified mediator and her skills are often implemented to resolve inter-family disputes in an amicable fashion whether this be at the early stages of a case or in those cases that have already reached the courts.

Rimona's reputation excels at being extremely discreet about her cases and maintaining the confidentiality of her clients. Her clients, especially the well-known and wealthy ones, have thanked her profusely for keeping their affairs quite and private.           

Rimona is often appointed and recommended by the Family and Rabbinical courts in cases that involve guardianship, cases with international aspects such as divorces (with assets located around the globe), relocation, child abduction and Hague convention issues etc.


Rimona has represented hundreds of clients in the Family and Rabbinical courts and in other courts as well where family matters are heard.


Rimona gives lectures and presentations at various institutions and forums on topics relating to the family and Estate law spectrum. Amongst her many lectures Rimona has presented at Amit, Ezra, Feminancy, community centers, municipalities etc.     


Rimona is fluent in Hebrew, English and French.

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